As a CAJ elementary student…

I know that God is the author of all truth!

  • I understand that chapel happens twice a month on Thursdays and is a time to worship God by singing nicely and listening attentively to messages.
  • I understand that I need to do my own work and not copy others’ work, including writing that I find on the internet.

I am made in God’s image!

  • God has made me and each person special and I should use my words to encourage others.
  • I need to respond appropriately when adults speak to me.
  • I understand that school is a place to learn and I need to wear clothes that won’t distract me or others.
  • I should talk with my parents about what my teachers and I post on Seesaw.
  • I understand that if I have a problem with other people I can talk to my teacher or the guidance counselor and ask for help.
  • I understand that I need to be safe, kind, and gentle when I am on the playground, and always pick up my trash and belongings when I leave.
  • I understand that I am representing CAJ and God on my way to and from school and need to behave appropriately on the train, bus or street.
  • I understand that I am a representative of CAJ when my class is off campus and must behave appropriately.

God has made me for community!

  • During the school day:
    • I understand that if I am ill, I need to stay home so I don’t get my friends ill.
    • I understand that I need to use the entrance/exit by my classroom unless the teacher directs me to a different door or I am late and need to check in at the office.
    • I understand that if I have a problem with school work I should ask my teacher for help.
    • I understand that, if I lose something, I can check the Lost and Found areas in the library, gym, and cafeteria.
    • I understand that I can’t use my cellphone during the school day unless my teacher gives me permission. I can use my cell phone before or after school to call my parents or other adults(that my parents have approved).
    • I understand that I can eat food in my classroom when we have special events and in the designated eating areas at recess. I understand that I should not eat food in the hallways or when I am walking around the playground.
    • I understand that technology, iPads, computers, etc are to help me learn. I need to be a responsible digital citizen.
    • I understand that I need to be a responsible caretaker of my classroom and school.
    • I understand that I cannot bring real or realistic weapons, fireworks or dangerous items on campus.
  • Before and after school:
    • I understand that I can play on the playground from 8:00-8:25 in the morning and 3:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon because a teacher is watching.
    • I understand that I can read or study in the library until 4:25.
    • I understand that I can only play on the play structures after 4:00 if my mom or dad is standing near and watching me or has made arrangements with a responsible adult.
    • I understand that there are some after-school activities offered to elementary students (depending on the year: newspaper club, choir, art club, homework club, etc.) and I can participate in them if I am interested.
    • I understand that if I come to evening activities at CAJ (sports games, plays, concerts, talent shows, etc.) I have to sit with my parents or a responsible adult.
    • I understand that when I ride my bicycle, I need to wear a helmet and follow all Japanese laws. Also, my bicycle needs to have a CAJ sticker on it.