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Thank you for showing an interest in working at Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ). We are a diverse community, drawn from all over the world, working towards one goal: equipping students to serve Japan and the world for Christ. CAJ is WASC certified and offers a Christ-centered education using a North American curriculum.
Staff Qualifications
All Staff
Teaching Staff
  • Bachelor's degree (minimum)
  • ACSI or government teacher certification
Applications and Inquiries
While we are unable to receive general applications, we are currently accepting applications for the following positions.

If you have questions regarding employment at our school, please feel free to email
Openings in 2019-2020
  • High School Principal
    • Full-time leadership team position from August 2019.
    • Applications close March 15, 2019.
    • Masters degree required (or a willingness to pursue one.)
    • Minimum of five years classroom experience and current teaching credentials required.
    • Preference given to applicants with principal or related experience and certification.
Teaching Staff
  • Japanese language teachers (part-time vacancies)
    • Two part-time vacancies for Japanese language teachers for K-12 openings; some flexibility exists in determining age level of classes
    • Final percentage of positions offered is open to some negotiation
    • All applicants should have current teaching credentials
    • Experience in teaching Japanese preferred
Support Staff
  • School Advancement position(s)
    • This position could be a full-time position or could be divided into two possible part-time positions: Director of Development and Director of Marketing and Enrollment.
        Applicants should:
        • be a committed Christian.
        • have native-speaker-level English, with Japanese language an advantage.
        • have appropriate experience in the field.
        • positions currently vacant; start date negotiable up to August 2019
        Please click on the job title to submit a preliminary application.
          Director of Development
          • Develop and maintain an annual development plan including fundraising initiatives to advance the mission of the School.
          • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with donors and supporters of the School, including volunteers and alumni. Maintain related database.
          • Organize and oversee events related to development and fundraising.
          • Oversee related communications and staff.
          Director of Marketing and Enrollment
          • Develop and maintain annual marketing plans to promote CAJ as an excellent choice for a child's schooling.
          • Develop the CAJ community as ambassadors of the School.
          • Collate data and information to assist in ensuring the School is meeting parent needs and its mission and vision.
          • Develop and maintain annual enrollment goals and plans, and oversee the School's admissions process.
          • Organize and oversee events included in annual plans.
          • Oversee related communications and staff.
        • Technology support specialist
          • Full-time position for Christian applicant from August 2019
          • Responsible for answering support queries, and maintaining network, hardware and software systems
          • College degree in a computer-related field or equivalent required (recent graduates will be considered)
          • Ability to research symptoms and find solutions
          Experience or understanding in the following preferred
          • Apple macOS and Macintosh hardware
          • Google Chrome and Chromebooks
          • G Suite applications
          • Command line
          • PHP, MySQL, and FileMaker programming platforms

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