• CAJ's playground is:
    • A hub of student activity before and after school and during recess.
    • Used for secondary sports practices and games throughout the school year.
    • The annex, auditorium, cafeteria, elementary school building and fences bound the playground area.

Playground Rules[edit]

  • Soccer play is to be only in the large open area.
  • Soccer rules developed by the elementary school student and teachers will be discussed/reviewed with students.
  • Playing is not allowed on auditorium ramp and ramp bars, in or around dumpster area, and between the tennis courts and cafeteria.
  • No food on the playground; eat snacks by the cafeteria or by the elementary stairs.
  • Snacks should not be eaten while running around or playing on the playground equipment.
    • Dispose of trash properly.
    • Sharing of food is discouraged.
  • Any form of glass, such as glass bottles, is not allowed on the playground.
  • Children are to sit down on the swings, with only one person at a time on a swing.
  • Only one person at a time is to go down a slide. Blocking is not allowed.
  • Climbing is to be done only on the creative play structures.
  • Trees and shrubs are not considered part of the playground equipment and are not to be played in or on.
  • Playing with sticks and throwing stones are prohibited.
  • Hard baseballs are not allowed.
  • If a ball goes over the fence onto the tracks, consult the recess teacher. The recess teacher will notify the academic office.
  • Kindergarten students are prohibited from climbing on top of the Knights Castle circular slide.
  • Do not play on the auditorium ramp.
  • No throwing the small gravel a round the play structure. Often times we find it on the tennis courts.
  • Rollerblading (in-line skating): The far (third) tennis court is no longer useable for rollerblades (in-line skates) as the wheels will damage the paint.
  • Tether ball: Only elementary until 4:00 p.m.
  • The outdoor washrooms are not to be used for getting water for play.
    • Wash sandy hands using the outside water source.