Middle School Handbook


Welcome to the Christian Academy in Japan, better known to its friends as "CAJ." You have become a member of a community of scholars in which we all contribute to each other's growth spiritually, academically, and socially. As individuals and as a community we are called to show the world that there is a different and rewarding way of life for those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ. This handbook is intended to be a helpful introduction to our life together in this community. It describes who we are and what we can expect from each other as we live and work together. Reading through this handbook and accessing it for reference will answer many of your questions and help you feel at home more quickly. CAJ reserves the right to change or clarify any policy in the handbooks at any time, at its sole discretion (or at the discretion of the Board, where applicable), whenever it determines that it is in the best interests of the school to change the policy.

Meet The Principal[edit]

Middle School can be an interesting time in life. Students are beginning to explore this world and make steps toward finding out who they are. At CAJ’s Middle School, we provide as many opportunities as possible for students to try new and different things. We want students to begin to discern and be able to make applications of what they learn to their daily walk. Our Core Values: God is the author of all truth, God created humans in his image and God created humans for community, really gives our Middle School students opportunities to think about all they are experiencing, how we view each other and how they contribute to our CAJ community. Not only do we want them to think about the CAJ community but to also consider the wider community of Higashi Kurume, Tokyo, Japan and the world.

Academic Expectations[edit]

Behavioral Expectations[edit]

Child Protection Policy[edit]

Co-curricular Information[edit]