Library Patrons (Who Can Use CAJ's Library)

Library Patrons[edit]

The primary purpose of the library is to provide books for current CAJ students, parents and staff.

SSS Members[edit]

SSS Members have full access to the CAJ library as well as the SSS library. The book limit is 25 books with a one-month check-out period that is renewable as available and upon request.

Friends of the Library[edit]

  1. Friends of the library applies to alumni, former staff and extended members of the mission community to Japan wishing to use the CAJ library for personal use.
  2. An annual fee (per school year) of ¥1,000 is due with the application form.
  3. Friends of the Library will receive an ID card with a bar-code for checking out books
  4. Use of the library with the following guidelines:
    • Book limit- 5 books
    • Two-week check-out period
    • Library fines and/or charges for overdue, damaged or lost books apply