Late Work Policy


We affirm that grades should measure what students know and understand rather than reflect their work and study habits, while we are also aware that work and study habits eventually do have a strong impact on performance. 

We want to respect the above affirmation, while protecting students from becoming overwhelmed. Grade level assignments are developed in collaboration across departments and thus the longer it takes to complete and assignment, the more likely assignments will begin to overlap, causing stress for students.

Late Work[edit]

The following steps must be completed when addressing late work:

  • Students must discuss with individual teachers if they believe they cannot hand their summative assessment by the due date.
  • Teachers may offer an extension of up to three days, during which time students will be expected to use the time, places, and people available to help them complete the assignment. Typically, the space will be either with a teacher in a classroom or in the LRC.
  • If late work is still not completed, students will need to make an appointment with the high school principal (the principal will consult with the support team as needed) where they will provide a written proposal explaining the reason for late work, documented effort of work progress from the time the work was assigned to the time of the meeting, and a detailed plan of how they intend to complete it.
  • If what is agreed upon is not completed, it is assumed to be ‘no evidence of learning’ and no grade will be awarded.

This policy does not apply to certain assessments such as band performances and presentations (both individual and group).


  • Work is due at the time designated by the instructor.
  • Typically, students receive 1 additional day for every day they miss school for an excused absence. A student may not be prepared to take a test on the day they return, but the same policy extends to tests from the day following their return to school, with an additional day given for every day the student was absent.
  • The final assignment deadline for the semester applies to all year long courses. Semester length courses may have later deadlines. Late assignments will not be accepted beyond the last day of the semester unless the student has been granted an incomplete exemption by the principal.
  • Exceptions to the late penalty or these policies may be granted by the principal. Any questions about this policy, appeals or requests for exceptions should be directed to the principal.