Fall Bazaar Information

Informational Video[edit]


FRIDAY 10:00-4:00, SATURDAY 9:00-1:00 DIRECT WEBSITE LINK: https://www.caj.ac.jp/p/pta/bazaar.php (Log in to Knights Portal)

To accommodate many needs, donation drop-off and volunteer times have been

updated. Read below for the most accurate information. Thanks! ~PTA

Want to support this year’s festival and PTA’s mission to bless students and the surrounding community?

❑ Rent a table (See “Want to rent a table and sell your own goods?”)

❑ Donate books, clothes, and toys ONLY (Drop off: Wed 2:30-7:30, Thurs 8:00-3:30)

❑ Volunteer your time (See “Want to volunteer?”)

❑ Bring snacks for volunteers, purchased or homemade (NO NUTS PLEASE!)

❑ Be cooperative (This is new for everyone! We appreciate your smiles!)

❑ Just come! Shop! Laugh! Eat! Enjoy one another!

Want to create a fun and worshipful atmosphere?

❑ Volunteer your worship band or yourself to play for a 30-minute block on Saturday,

Email Dan Bollinger: pta@caj.ac.jp

Want to rent a table and sell your own goods? (aka be a “vendor”)

There`s still time to sign up, but you’ve got to hurry! Deadline: Friday, October 18!

Sell that cool stuff you can’t donate this year or your own crafts or sealed food items.

❑ Choose a day to sell…Friday 25, Saturday 26, or BOTH

Tip: Rent a table with a friend…half the cost, twice the fun! (plus, take turns selling)

❑ Log in to CAJ Knights Portal

❑ Go to Doodle link on PTA Fall Bazaar page (accessible from Life@CAJ link)

❑ Sign up and pay rental fee online (all payments due Friday, October 18!)

❑ Receive detailed email from PTA

❑ Attend vendor meeting on Friday, October 18, 7:00pm to get all questions

answered and pay missing rental fees

Want to donate clothes, books, or toys? (NO TAGGING required!)

❑ Gather CLOTHES, BOOKS, and TOYS ONLY! (New or gently used, Really…no

accessories, shoes, bags, belts, home décor, strollers, etc…you can do this!)

Read more online using the direct link above, see “Item Dropoff” section

❑ Sort into boxes or bags (Super helpful step! Thanks!)

❑ Label with your PTA# AND LAST NAME *required (hint: 4-digit # on your name tag)

❑ Drop-off at CAJ on Wednesday 2:30-7:30 or Thursday 8:00-3:30

Want to volunteer? (Needed: traffic controllers, sorters, cashiers, snacks and more)

❑ First of all, THANK YOU!! (*4 hours=free shopping on Saturday after 1pm)

❑ Log into Knights Portal

❑ Sign up at Doodle link on PTA Fall Bazaar page (accessible from

Life@CAJ link)

❑ Can’t sign up online? Just bring your snacks or come to the Adult

Volunteers table any day Wednesday through Saturday to volunteer

Still got questions? Email pta@caj.ac.jp

Item Dropoff[edit]

*Drop off donations clearly marked with your PTA number on Thursday, October 24th, 8:30 am-3:30 pm ONLY

This year, the following items will be accepted:


CLOTHING (YES to Tshirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, business shirts, coats, kimono, yukata, jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, scarves, costumes, athletic shirts, athletic and yoga pants, athletic jackets NO to swimsuits--even new!--), pajamas, socks, tights, pantyhose, shoes, bags, underwear and brassieres, hats, gloves, accessories, belts)

BOOKS (YES to gently used, NO to partially colored books, torn or stained books)

TOYS (YES to board games and card games WITH all parts, please don't bring games with parts missing, YES to stuffed toys but NO to stained or torn stuffed toys....NO decorations, NO toy guns, including Nerf and beebee, NO swords, NO lightsabers)

FLEA MARKET: If you would like to rent a table to sell your items (we can send you more information on what you can sell, if you are interested please contact Myra Shimamoto teamshima324josh2415@gmail.com, you can set them up on this day. The rental cost is 2000 yen for either Friday or Saturday or 3000 yen for both days.