Cocurricular eligibility

The principal, in cooperation with the guidance staff and teachers, will determine student eligibility using the following criteria:

  • Regular Season
    • Students must display satisfactory conduct and are expected to represent CAJ well.
    • Students who are on academic probation due to failing one or more semester classes are not permitted to participate in co-curricular activities. Any exceptions must be approved by the principal.
    • Students must attend at least four class periods in a day in order to participate in co-curricular activities on that day. Any exceptions must be approved by the principal.
  • Athletic Tournaments: CAJ participates in Far East and small school tournaments under the following guideline: In the event that there are reservations about a team or individual’s participation in a tournament, the principal will confer with the athletic director and the coach and then bring a recommendation to the head of school, who will make the final decision.

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