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HS girls' soccer defeats YIS 1-0

The high school girls' soccer team traveled to YCAC on Friday for a game against YIS. CAJ ultimately came away with a 1-0 win.

Coach Charles Smoker gave the following thoughts on the team's game:

"We played another game under some conditions not in our control. We had a two-hour bus ride and had barely 15 minutes to warm up. We played against the strong ocean winds for the first half.

But we're learning to adapt to various conditions. The blustery winds were a major factor in the first half as they pushed against us and pushed the ball constantly to our left. We couldn't get any long passes over their defense line.

In the second half, the wind was at our backs and changed the flow of the game immediately. We had several good chances in the second half but couldn't convert. After knocking on the door, Rachel broke through for a 1-on-1 and put the ball in the back of the net.

We had several more convertible chances but we couldn't score any more. The win was good, the effort was decent and the yakiniku tasted good on the way home because we did win.

But we need to have a change in mindset in not merely wanting to play even with our opponents, but to win. We are satisfied with playing evenly or not losing, rather than going for the win, especially when we have our opponents backed up and on their heels.

We need to have a soccer culture where we play to win by several goals, play to jump out and get the lead and be the aggressor. If we are aiming to keep the bar low, we'll play like that. On the other hand, if we keep the bar high, our intensity and gutsy play will follow. A soccer game is a war with many battles inside that war. We're not going to win the war if we don't win the majority of the battles along the way."

CAJ's record is now 2-1 overall and 1-1 in league play. The Knights play next at home versus Seisen on April 10.

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