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HS girls' basketball wins two games at ISSH

The high school girls' basketball teams won a total of two games at ISSH on Wednesday night to begin their season. Varsity won 42-33 and JV won unofficially by a score of 22-17.

Varsity started slow on both ends of the court as ISSH took a 16-12 lead at halftime.

"Our zone defense wasn't covering their cuts into the middle of the key, which led to open shots and several offensive rebounds for them," head coach Craig Eby said.

Eby switched the team's defense to a tight man-to-man in the second half, leading to many steals.

"That not only woke up the defense, but it led to lots of points in transition on layups and putbacks. Rachel's shooting also heated up, and she ended with 17 points in the second half alone."

For varsity, some of the team's key stat lines for the game came from Rachel (19 points, five rebounds), Jessica (10 points, 11 rebounds, three steals), Mitsuki (four points, six rebounds, nine assists, four steals) and Mari (six points, eight rebounds, two steals).

The JV game didn't count officially because of CAJ's low number of players. However, the Knights fought hard to bounce back to a win after a similarly slow start. The team was down 10-3 until late in the second quarter,

"Our offense seemed very nervous and panicky early on, as we committed numerous turnovers from traveling, carrying and bad passes," assistant coach Jared Johnson said. "But when we calmed down, didn't force dribbles and focused on proper spacing on the court, we were able to get up a lot more quality shot attempts."

CAJ finally took the lead in the fourth quarter, as the team locked down on defense to allow just two points while scoring nine points of its own.

"Devika and Marikah did a great job setting the defensive tone for us all game with their hustle and active hands," said Johnson. "On offense, Sora was able to settle down and get to the basket for several layups in the second half."

Sora led the coring for CAJ with 15 points in addition to four steals. Marikah had three points, eight rebounds and 10 combined blocks, steals and deflections. Devika had 13 combined blocks, steals and deflections to go with two points.

The Knights will play next at Yokota on Saturday..

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