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A Team soccer earns first victory of season against Aoba

The middle school soccer A Team picked up its first victory of the season on Tuesday, taking down Aoba 7-2. The Knights moved their record to 1-7-0.

Coach Keesh Kawaguchi discussed some of the key factors around the Knights' big win:

"I think having to play at home gave my players some comfort and familiarity they needed to play as well as they did this game.

I saw a lot of great passing and very smart defensive decisions made throughout the game. I think they are finally starting to let the game come to them instead of forcing it. Now, the challenge is to stay consistent. That was also all of our players' reactions after the game.

In life, staying consistent is one of the most difficult challenges. I told my players that the only way I know how to master it is by giving a conscious, consistent effort on the regular basis during practice.

At this age, too, I have realized how unpredictable the students can be even day to day. My hope is that I would remain consistent with them in my approach and be able to provide them with some sense of normalcy and consistency in their fast-evolving lives."

The goals for the Knights were scored by Stephen, Suyoung, Noah, Minoru, David, Hugo and Sho. Suyoung, Sho and Noah each had an assist.

The Knights will participate in the A Team Tournament on Saturday at ASIJ.

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