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Varsity boys' basketball loses 62-22 to ASIJ

The varsity boys’ basketball team also concluded its season at ASIJ on Tuesday, falling 62-22 to the dominant Mustangs. ASIJ’s boys’ team was the winner of the combined Far East tournament last month. They also won the Kanto League championship.

CAJ put forth a very good effort in the first half, going into the intermission with a 29-13 deficit. The Mustangs had to work for their baskets and the Knights were picking up a lot of the loose balls.

However, CAJ couldn’t quite manage to keep its intensity going in the second half as the Mustangs stretched out their lead. The Knights’ offense also lost some its composure.

“We still could have done much better offensively, especially finishing near the basket,” Stephen said. “We got blocked a lot.”

Coach Steve Hall liked his team's intensity for most of the game, but added that the team got “out-athleticed” by a team that was simply more impressive physically.. However, he also stressed that the team can help overcome that disadvantage with hard work in the offseason. 

“[ASIJ] can jump higher, they’re faster,” Hall said. “We can jump just as high, we can be just as quick. It’s just that they put the time in, especially in the weight room, and we don't.”

Seth, Kyle and Takara each had four points in the contest. CAJ’s league record finished at 3-8 and its overall record was 11-17.
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