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JV girls' basketball loses 42-32 to Kinnick

The JV girls’ basketball team was also in action on Thursday night against Kinnick. Like the varsity, the JV Knights stayed close for most of the game, but ended up falling by a score of 42-32. The Red Devils’ JV squad was also very a tough physical matchup for CAJ, who were at a big height disadvantage.

Raven led the Knights with 10 points, and TaYoung was close behind with eight. Jessica had a big night inside with 14 rebounds. Yeonjoo was active on defense with three blocks and four steals.

Raven had the following to say about the team’s performance:
“I think our team did really well knowing the plays [on offense]. We did well communicating what the next play would be, so we knew exactly what we were going to do. We also did very well on defense, keeping the ball outside and not letting them near the basket.”

Coach Jared Johnson liked what he saw from the JV, but noted one key area for improvement.

“Our ball and player movement on offense was very good tonight for the last three quarters. We just need to keep working on transitioning from defense to offense. We are a quick team and need to take advantage when we can score on fast breaks,” Johnson said.

The Knights now have a 5-4 record this season both overall and in league play. Their next game is at ISSH, which will be next Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.
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