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HS girls' soccer loses and then wins on second day of ASIJ Soccer Tournament

The high school girls' soccer team played two games on Saturday on the second and final day of the ASIJ Girls' Soccer Tournament. CAJ lost to ASIJ 2-0 and then beat Seisen 3-0.

These were the thoughts of coach Charles Smoker regarding his team's performance:

"ASIJ was probably the best team at the tournament. I've been preaching that 'we have to believe we can win.' We seemed like we were psyched, but we couldn't move quickly enough to protect our goal and ASIJ scored a few minutes into the game. It was disappointing, but we just weren't ready to compete…yet. ASIJ scored again to go up 2-0 at the half.

We regrouped at the half and came out to play our best half of the tournament, and we actually controlled most of the second half and had more scoring opportunities than ASIJ. We were not able to score, but neither was ASIJ. The second half was really, really good for us because it showed that we can compete with the better teams.

For our consolation game, we came out with a 3-4-3 attack formation and attacked to finish, not just shoot. We struck in the first five minutes and scored soon after that. Rachel (who scored all three goals) scored on a direct free kick to score our third goal to make it 3-0 at the half.

The second half was less intense, and we held our lead and all 16 team members played at least half a game so everybody was involved in closing out this tournament with a win."

The Knights will play next on Tuesday at Zama.

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