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JV boys' basketball loses 67-16 to St. Mary's

The JV boys' basketball team had a difficult game at St. Mary's on Thursday night, losing 67-16. CAJ now has a 2-8 record in Kanto Plains play.

Coach Charles Smoker had the following response to the Knights' loss:

"For whatever reason, we never got on track today. In fact, the train of confidence we were riding after Tuesday's game derailed and crashed. When I asked our team to describe the first half in one word, one player captured our play by saying 'chaos'. That continued through the second half.

I told the guys this is how life is sometimes. Sometimes things just don't go our way, but we have to learn from our mistakes, grow and be thankful. We walked into their gym as a team, and we walked out of there as a team."

CAJ's scoring leaders from this game were Satvik (eight points) and Josiah, Kenshin, Ken and Hikaru all with two points each.

The Knights have their JV tournament at ASIJ on Saturday.

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