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MS boys' basketball B Team loses 33-21 to Aoba

The middle school boys' basketball B Team lost to Aoba on Friday evening 33-21. The Knights now have a 3-4 record this season.

The Knights led for part of the third quarter, but Aoba was able to run away with the game in the final quarter and a half. CAJ missed many good shot opportunities and the Jaguars were able to pass and shoot the ball well against the Knights' defense.

"This game, in a sense, was decided before the game," coach Charles Smoker said. "The guys thought they already had the game won before it started. They just came out unfocused and didn't really take the other team seriously. The motto we learned from this game is 'never underestimate your opponent.'

By the time we woke up in the third quarter, we were tied. But then Aoba starting playing really well. Give credit to them, they wanted [this win] more. They got rebounds and made important shots.

Our guys learned a good lesson today that you should never assume that you're going to beat a team just because you may be physically better."

In the game, David led CAJ with six points and Junu had four points.

The Knights also play on Saturday this week against NIS.

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