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JV boys' basketball loses in first round of JV Tournament

The JV boys' basketball team concluded its season on Tuesday with the single-elimination JV Tournament at St. Mary's. CAJ was eliminated after losing its first game 44-34 against St. Mary's.

Coach Charles Smoker said the team had a subpar first half, especially offensively. CAJ only managed 12 points to the Titans' 20 before intermission. Smoker said that nerves got the best of the team early on, which led to turnovers and missed shots that should have been made.

"We came out with more energy and focus in the second half," Smoker said. "We took better care of the ball to chip away at the lead and actually pulled to within three points."

However, the team couldn't get any closer than that. Smoker said the Knights and Titans mostly traded baskets for the rest of the game.

"The second half was fun to watch," Smoker said. "In fact, we only lost the second half by two points. Unfortunately, slow starts have plagued this season and this was the case today, as well. The positive thing is that we keep fighting and grinding away to keep persevering to the end. I think the team is learning that you only get out of games what you put into practices."

Satvik (16 points) and Leif (10 points) carried the majority of the scoring load against St. Mary's.

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