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HS boys' soccer defeats Yokota 5-1

The high school boys' soccer team defeated Yokota 5-1 on Tuesday night. The Knights' league record is now 3-4-1.

Coach Keesh Kawaguchi expressed his thoughts on the team coming together after the game:

"More than anything, the thing I will remember about this team the deeper relationship they have developed over the season. I couldn't help but notice how they would break into a chant, start singing together on the bus and they all sat together at the food court after the game tonight on their own initiative.

That's all I ever asked for as a coach. It's the brotherhood and the special bond you form with each and everyone on the team that make partaking in a team sport a great experience.

I made my closest friends from high school and college that way. The goals and the outcomes are just an icing on the cake. It is also just a reflection of their dedication to one another and their willingness to stay humble and coachable through tough times and rough patches.

My prayer is that they will be able to always look back and remember how special this has been. When all is in harmony, everything is seamless and effortless. Even when down by one goal, it doesn't phase you or put any weight on your shoulders because we are at peace with one another."

CAJ's goals came from Enosh (2), Joshua (2) and Eugene (1). The assists were made by Eugene (2), Joshua (1), Stephen (1) and Enosh (1).

The Knights will not play for three weeks as they prepare for the Far East Tournament in Okinawa, which starts on May 22.

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