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MS girls' volleyball B and C Teams lose to BST

The middle school volleyball B and C teams played against BST at home on Thursday. Both teams lost their matches 2-0.

B Team's loss moved its record to 2-4. A Team coach Erika Mine stepped in to coach the B Team and had these comments after the game:

"Today's B Team game was very close," Mine said. "The team's serving skills are improving. One of BST's players had strong serves that were really tough to return back to their court. Sophia did a good job on her serves and with receiving hard serves that came at her! The team will work on their fundamental of volleyball to become better serve receivers!"

C Team's loss was its first of the season and made the team's record 3-1. High school volleyball coach Steve Hall was the substitute coach for this game and gave these thoughts afterward:

"The C Team girls played well," Hall said. "They did a good job of getting to most of the balls that came to their side. Both the girls playing and the girls sitting on the bench celebrated every point when we scored with fantastic enthusiasm! Many of the girls on the BST team were bigger and older, which makes a significant difference at the age, especially when it comes to serving."

CAJ's middle school volleyball teams will face Seisen and a Yokota club team on Saturday at CAJ starting at 9 a.m.

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