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HS girls' tennis loses 2-1 in shortened match against ASIJ JV

The high school girls' tennis team played the ASIJ JV team on Thursday. Of the finished matches, CAJ lost 2-1, as the other two matches did not finish.

"We had a good match against ASIJ. All of the players were eager to win points in strong wind. Jenny tried to place the ball well and was able to win her game. We had to stop a couple of games early due to transportation for the ASIJ players, as they had to catch buses," coach Naoko Sawada said.

These are the full scores from Thursday:

1st Singles- Kiara loses 6-8
2nd Singles- Jenny wins 8-6
3rd Singles- JaeEun was losing 4-6 before the match ended early
1st Doubles- Miyuki and Sophie lose 2-8
2nd Doubles- Tina and Mina were losing 2-5 before the match ended early

The Knights will play at Yokota on Saturday against Yokota and Edgren.

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