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JV boys' basketball team falls 42-25 to Yokota

The JV boys' basketball team wrapped up league play on Thursday night against Yokota, losing 42-25. CAJ ended its Kanto Plains schedule with a 2-9 record.

The Knights had a slow start, especially offensively. CAJ could only muster nine points in the first half to the Panthers' 28. The team came back in the second half to outscore Yokota 16-14, but the lack of point scoring early on really hindered the team.

Coach Charles Smoker said the team was emotionally and mentally ready for the game. CAJ had specifically worked on beating the Panthers' 1-2-2 press and did well against it on Thursday. However, the Knights struggled finishing on their shot attempts.

"We accomplished our task of not letting their press get to us, and we accomplished our task of not getting beat on the boards," Smoker said. "But unfortunately, we just had a lot of struggles putting the ball in the hoop and couldn't get any momentum going because of that."

Satvik led the scoring for CAJ with seven points. Leif (six), Kenshin (five), Josiah (four) and Amon (three) also contributed to the scoring.

The Knights will finish their season by competing in the rescheduled JV tournament next Tuesday at St. Mary's.

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