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HS boys' tennis loses 5-0 against ASIJ JV

The high school boys' tennis team played against ASIJ's JV team on Thursday. The Knights lost 5-0.

"Before the match started, our team had nearly one hour to adjust to the surface on the ASIJ tennis courts, but I don't think that tired them out," coach Koji Yamabe said. "Unfortunately, all of our players lost, but it was good to see each of them trying something different in their strategy from the previous match. The players still have two or three matches to go this week. It is always nice to watch players who are making every effort to improve their abilities no matter who the opponent is."

These are the full scores from Thursday:

1st Singles- Hugo (10th grade) loses 5-8
2nd Singles- Shun loses 1-8
3rd Singles- Minoru loses 1-8
1st Doubles- Joel and Peter lose 2-8
2nd Doubles- Hugo (9th grade) and Abhirupan lose 1-8

The Knights will play at Yokota on Saturday against Yokota and Edgren.

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