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HS girls' soccer defeats St. Maur 10-0

The high school girls' soccer team won its second consecutive game on Friday evening at home against St. Maur. The Knights won 10-0, moving their league record to 2-1.

CAJ scored five goals in each half and focused this game on short passing, trapping and teamwork. Coach Charles Smoker said the team started the game with a bit too many "hope passes" where the players could only hope their teammates might receive the pass. After a while, Smoker said they adjusted by making shorter and higher-percentage passes.

"I think the girls really connected as a team after a bit," Smoker said. "When you pass to a teammate, the deeper meaning of a pass is that you trust your teammate. In the second half, we passed even better."

Smoker added that the team still has work to do in moving the ball with the pass, but that they made progress on Friday toward their goals. He also applauded their spirit:

"I appreciated the girls' effort, even when they were ahead by several goals. They kept pressing and they weren't arrogant or boastful in what they were doing."

Finally, Smoker shared some quotes that he said have been focuses for the team as the halfway point of the season approaches.

From Brett Favre:

"An individual can make a difference. A team can make a miracle."

And from Patrick Lencioni:

"Teamwork begins by building trust. The only way to do that is by overcoming our need for invulnerability."

The Knights next game is Saturday afternoon against ISSH at ASIJ.

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