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MS boys' basketball loses three games at YIS

CAJ's middle school boys' basketball teams played three games on Saturday at YIS. A Team lost 51-49, B Team lost 42-30 and C Team lost 17-12.

Coach Steve Hall commented on the A Team's performance:

"It was a close game the whole way. Unfortunately, our offense sputtered in the fourth quarter. Both teams played hard and made big plays. It was a good learning experience about how to play when the outcome of the game is in doubt."

Regarding the B Team's performance, coach Caleb Cummings said the following:

"We had some lapses in concentration, but we played what we thought was our best game yet. The ball just wouldn't fall in the hoop in our favor despite lots of chances, whereas the other team's shots seemed to be going in no matter what they shot."

C Team coach James Hughes expressed thoughts on his team's game:

"C Team's defense was much better this game. The team's aggressiveness and awareness has improved. The offense was good, but we need to keep our heads up and our eyes open for passing opportunities."

The teams' records are now 3-1 (A Team), 1-4 (B Team) and 0-2 (C Team). The teams will play at Aoba next Tuesday?

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