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MS soccer A Team falls 9-4 to KIST

The middle school soccer A Team lost 9-4 against KIST on Tuesday afternoon. The Knights' record this season is now 0-2-1.

Coach Charles Smoker said the team entered the game mentally and physically prepared, but it was thrown a curveball when the playing field was much smaller than expected. Smoker said it was about two-thirds the size of CAJ's field, which is already smaller than a regulation soccer field.

"The size of the field kind of threw off our concentration and mindset for the game," Smoker said. "They would swarm us with three or four people whenever we got the ball, and whenever we tried to dribble or pass, it just wouldn't work."

CAJ quickly got behind, and took a 5-1 deficit into halftime. Smoker said the team got into some old habits of lunging after the ball instead of keeping the offensive player in front.

"We kind of woke up with about 20 minutes to go in the second half," Smoker said. "We just have to come into the game with more focus. Thankfully, our guys aren't falling apart, they aren't giving up and they aren't playing the blame game."

Smoker added that "there aren't any easy games in this league anymore" in commenting on the improved quality of play around the league.

The Knights' next game is against Aoba at home on Saturday.

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