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HS boys' soccer defeats Zama 9-0

The high school boys' soccer team beat Zama 9-0 on Wednesday afternoon. The Knights' league record is now 2-3-1.

Coach Keesh Kawaguchi expressed his feelings on CAJ's breakthrough performance:

"The players and I had a heart-to-heart this past week. It has not been easy since our last game, but ultimately, they chose to come together and unite in a meeting they organized on their own. This was a fruit of their unity, harmony and true teamwork.

I'm proud of all my players for uniting in love and respect for their fellow brothers in Christ. It is never about the goals and the outcomes for me as a coach. It is always about how — playing well together and supporting one another.

This game was a true reflection of this. It was a sight to behold. It all just clicked in their heads, and it was played in the most seamless, the most complex and the most entertaining way it can be played.

I am so proud of them, and I hope that they will always carry this spirit of oneness wherever they go in life."

CAJ got goals from Joshua (3), Enosh (2), Go (2) and Eugene (2) in this game. Their assists came from Enosh (4) and Joshua (2).

The Knights will play next at St. Maur on Friday night.

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