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Field hockey wins Kanto Plains Tournament at ASIJ

The field hockey team won the Kanto Plains Tournament at YCAC on Saturday by defeating BST and then ASIJ, both in penalty shootouts. Before the shootouts, the scores of the Knights' games were tied 1-1 and 0-0, respectively.

The format of the four-team tournament dictated that top-seeded CAJ would need to get past No. 4-seeded BST before playing the winner of No. 2-seeded ASIJ and No. 3-seeded YIS for the championship. Each game had four 15-minute quarters.

Against BST, CAJ got a goal from Meg (12th grade) in regulation play. However, Coach Victor Eby said the team played well in the first quarter but struggled quite a bit in the final three quarters. The Knights then had to go to a penalty shootout, where they won 3-2 in sudden death after the teams were tied after five shooters.

CAJ got penalty shootout goals from Meg, Rika and then again from Meg to win 3-2 in the sudden-death round. Before Meg made the final shot to clinch the win, goalie Eunmin came up big to start the sudden-death round by stopping BST's shot.

"It was a really crucial save by Eunmin," Eby said. "She had to dive to her right corner [to stop the shot]."

The Knights then played ASIJ in the championship game. Eby said CAJ outplayed the Mustangs, but the Knights couldn't break through for a tie-breaking goal in regulation play. He added that six different Knights players were able to shoot a shot on goal against the Mustangs in regulation.

But since ASIJ also didn't score, there was another penalty shootout. In this shootout, Meg, Krista and Rika all scored on their shots to give the Knights a 3-1 win.

Rina and Krista led the Knights in defensive saves for the day.

The other two tournament games not involving CAJ also needed penalty shootouts to break ties. "It was a lot of pressure on the goalies today. It was a very dramatic and intense day," Eby said.

CAJ's official season is now done. However, the Knights will have select members of the team play with other Kanto Plains players against a team from Seijo University at ASIJ on Monday, February 11.

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