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MS boys' basketball B Team goes 1-1 against KIST and TIS

The middle school boys' basketball B Team played two games at KIST on Saturday. The Knights started with a 37-24 loss to KIST, but then they won 30-28 against TIS to bring their season record to 3-2.

Against KIST, a bad start doomed the Knights. KIST scored 21 points before CAJ scored even once.

"We got down a few points really quickly, and that seemed to throw us into a panic," coach Charles Smoker said. "We couldn't make our shots and we didn't know who we were guarding on defense. Late in the third quarter, we finally came together and started making some shots."

Against KIST, Suyoung led the team with 16 points. Eastin also had four points.

Coach Smoker said the team underachieved against TIS, however, letting the opponent stay in the game too easily.

"We really struggled to put them away when we had the chance. We had a nine- or 10-point lead several times, but they kept coming back and they had us rattled," Smoker said. "Our guys learned a good lesson in not underestimating the opponent and learning to put teams away when playing with a lead."

Eastin was the Knights' scoring leader against TIS with nine points. Yuma also had four points.

The Knights' next game is next Saturday at St. Mary's.

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