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MS Soccer A Team falls 3-1 to KIST

The middle school soccer A Team traveled to play KIST on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, the Knights lost 3-1.

The Knights have yet to record a win this season, but coach Keesh Kawaguchi is very encouraged by the team's development. The following are his thoughts on the squad's progression:

"I see that this team is peaking just at the end of the season. The quality and intensity of their practice days have been good. They are bonding more and more, I hear good, cheerful laughter among them. Compared to the beginning of the season, they have done a complete 180 on how they behave on the sideline in terms of giving words of affirmation and encouragement to their teammates, and always staying positive regardless of the score. I am proud of them for that.

It might have taken them a lot longer than some of the other teams we have gone up against so far this season, and I hope the recent game results and scores would not discourage them from doing it the right way.

Growth is hard to measure, but the goals are not. My focus right now is for them to keep doing it the right way and to not lose heart.

I know the Lord will eventually reward them, maybe not always in soccer, but in life."

Suyoung scored the Knights' lone goal in the game. The next games for both middle school soccer teams will be this Saturday at ASIJ.

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