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HS boys' tennis loses 4-1 against Kinnick

The high school boys' tennis team lost 4-1 against Kinnick on Wednesday, bringing its season record to 2-6.

CAJ had to reschedule this match twice due to weather, but the weather finally cleared up for the Knights on Wednesday.

"The day turned out perfect for playing tennis with a lot of sunshine and no wind," coach Koji Yamabe said. "One of the highlights was Hugo (9th grade) making his singles debut. When you play tennis on a daily basis, singles and doubles feel almost like different sports, but he managed to adjust to it and kept some long rallies going. This may give him more confidence in the future when he plays singles or doubles."

These are the full scores from Wednesday's official matches:

1st Singles- Shun loses 0-8
2nd Singles- Hugo (9th grade) loses 1-8
3rd Singles- Junu wins by forfeit
1st Doubles- Joel and Peter lose 1-8
Doubles exhibition- CAJ loses by forfeit

Junu and Shun teamed up for an exhibition doubles match, losing 6-8.

The Knights' next match will be at ASIJ on Tuesday.

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