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Varsity boys' basketball completes third day of Kanto Classic Tournament

CAJ's varsity boys' basketball team was, unfortunately, unable to pick up wins in either of its two games at the Kanto Classic Tournament at ASIJ on Saturday.

The first contest was a 58-46 loss to Kubasaki, while the second game was a 58-36 defeat at the hands of the American School of Doha.

In the first game, Kubasaki's hot shooting from outside and its rebounding advantage were the key differences. CAJ did force a bunch of turnovers on its press in the second half, but it was just a little bit too little, too late.

The Knights were led in scoring in their first game by Enosh (12 points), Josh (nine points) and Takara (eight points). 

Things went similarly against Doha, which also had a significant rebounding edge over CAJ.

"They were just a step quicker to everything," coach Steve Hall said. "It wasn’t that we necessarily played poorly, it was just one of those games where one team has it going and it’s a struggle for the other team."

Against the Dragons, Enosh continued his consistent scoring by leading the team with 10 points. Kyle also added eight points for the Knights.

CAJ placed in the top eight of this weekend's 10-team tournament, and its overall record now stands at 6-12. The varsity boys will play at St. Mary's next Tuesday at 7 p.m.
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