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MS soccer teams win three games against St. Maur and NIS

The middle school soccer teams won three games and lost none against St. Maur and NIS at home on Saturday. A Team won 10-3 (NIS) and 11-1 (St. Maur) and B Team won 4-1 against St. Maur.

Coach Charles Smoker commented on the A Team’s first win against NIS:

“This was a ‘must-win’ game for us if we are to keep on pace for a chance to win the A Team Tournament. We seemed mentally ready at the beginning, and came out aggressive, but we let their best player get loose for a goal, leading to an early 1-0 deficit.

After that, we threatened several times and keep the pressure on, and finally hit the equalizer about 10 minutes later. NIS scored again to go ahead, and we later scored as well. We had many chances to to go ahead, but couldn't find the back of the net. We went into the half with a tie, noting we had fought back twice from one goal deficits, yet knowing we could have easily scored more. I think we began to see our offensive potential and the firepower we do have.

We came out a much more confident team in the second half, and outscored NIS 8-1 in the second half. The win was nice, but more than that, I can see our team gelling more and more together. We just need to continue to play smarter and come out with a mindset that we want to put teams away in the first half, rather than fighting from behind. We have been coming from behind the whole season. Of course, we can overcome these early deficits against some teams. But we still are digging ourselves in holes against tougher teams. We’re learning. Good job, A Team!”

Smoker gave some details on the second A Team win, as well:

“We came out aggressively and got our first 1-0 lead of the entire season. We kept up the pressure and scored a few more goals before the half. We kept our feet on the accelerator in the second half and scored some more. This lead allowed some of the B Teamers to get in some valuable playing time. Hats off to St. Maur for not giving up and fighting to the end. They could have given up, but they kept going and they scored a goal with about 10 minutes to go. Well done, St. Maur, and congratulations A Team! We now have a winning record of three wins, two ties and one loss.”

From the A Team games, CAJ’s 21 combined goals were scored by Suyoung (5), Ray (4), Simon (3), Eastin (3), J (2), Ryosei (1), Elijah (1), James (1) and YunByeong (1). The Knights’ assist leaders were J (4), Eastin (4), Chris (2), Joe (2), Noah (1) and Simon (1).

Smoker gave the following details on the performance from the Knights’ B Team:

“Our B Team was looking for its first win of the season. We definitely came out with the best energy of of our three games. Unfortunately, St. Maur hit paydirt first on a nice goal. We were down 1-0, but we kept the pressure on and fought back to a 1-1 tie to go into the half.

We played 9-on-9 which allowed for more open spaces and guys to cover more space. It was a fun game to watch as I could see the B Teamers up the level of play, playing with intensity. The A teamers who filled in for the B Team game really looked to pass to the B Teamers and give them the opportunity to make plays! Fortunately, things went our way and we were able to score three goals in the second half while keeping St. Maur off the scoreboard. Well done B Team on getting your first win this season!”

In the B Team game, Daniel, J and Sunwoo each scored once, and St. Maur also had an own goal. J and Chris each had one assist. B Team’s record is now 1-2.

The Knights don’t play again until October 19. On that day, they will travel for matches against YIS.

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