Student Support
  • Guidance: To support student learning and growth, the guidance office offers a variety of services: personal counseling and referrals to specialists as necessary, career testing and scheduling, and achievement testing (ITBS, PSAT, AP, SAT).
  • Health center: To facilitate students becoming caretakers who maintain good health, the health center provides a variety of services: intervention and management of actual or potential health problems, health screening programs, promotion of health and safety, and dissemination of health information and community resources to the students and their families. The health center is open during school hours and is staffed by a full-time registered nurse.
  • Learning Resource Center: Students (grades 1-12) receive academic support in the Learning Resource Center.
  • Library: To support student learning, the library provides 25,000 books, a periodical collection, an online catalog, subscription databases, and Internet access.
  • Special needs: CAJ provides full-time resource teachers.
  • School Support Services: CAJ provides support to students who homeschool, attend Japanese schools and study English skills at home, or attend small schools. SSS offers educational consultation, curriculum materials for sale, a lending library by mail, classroom visitation days, achievement testing, newsletters, opportunities to buy Scholastic books, and special events such as Arts and Skills Day (when students display and demonstrate fine arts skills) and Speech Festival (at which students practice public speaking).

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