People at CAJ
  • The staff members, who come from nine countries, are dedicated professionals who work to equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.
  • The teaching staff provides instruction in a full range of education: elementary, secondary, Bible, math, the arts, physical education, science, languages, computers, and more.
  • Other professionals serve in maintenance, business administration and food service. Included in the faculty and staff are over a dozen Japanese nationals.
  • CAJ is led by an administrative staff of the head of school and three principals, the business manager, and the School Support Services director.
  • CAJ's administration works under the leadership provided by a board of directors from the six evangelical missions which sponsor the school: Christian Reformed World Missions, Evangelical Covenant Church Board of World Missions, One Mission Society (OMS), SEND International, The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), and WorldVenture.
  • Current enrollment: 445 students in kindergarten to twelfth grade
  • Student body makeup: missionary children, 40%; children of business and professional people, 60%.
  • Student body nationalities: 37% dual passports, 21% Japanese, 15% North American, 15% Korean, and 12% other. In all, 36 nationalities are represented.
  • College bound: Over 80% of high school graduates go on to university studies.
  • Fine arts participation: Over 70% of high school students are involved in fine arts.

Our 4 acre campus

Arts Education
CAJ offers education in music, visual art, digital art, and drama.

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